Former Detroit Piston Rasheed Wallace and some of his friends are going door-to-door delivering bottled water to Flint residents. 

Rasheed Wallace last hit the floor at the Palace of Auburn Hills in a Detroit Pistons uniform in 2008, but the retired power forward remains a fan favorite. His staying popularity is no surprise, as Rasheed, affectionately known as "Ra-Weed" to some (for obvious reasons), was a member of the last successful Pistons lineup, and even returned to "The D" to take an assistant coaching gig in the 2013-14 season.

As if his obvious love for being a Piston wasn't enough to keep him in our good graces, Rasheed is now helping Flint residents in the wake of the water crisis. Over the weekend, ESPN's Rachel Nichols tagged along with 'Sheed, as well as his family and friends, one of whom was fellow NBA retiree Stephen Jackson, on a trip here to Flint. After buying all of the water at -- what we're assuming was -- the Miller Rd Target and Corunna Rd Walmart, Wallace and his friends drove a Penske rental truck through Flint, dropping water at residents' doors.

It's great to see 'Sheed out here, bringing awareness to the Flint water crisis with ESPN. It seems like a lot of people have forgot about Flint, or just don't realize that this water issue is still affecting peoples' lives the way it is.

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