We have come a long way in the technology world in the last 40 years...here are some things to look for in 2011!According to the International Consumers Electronics Show (CES), this year is the year of the tablet!  Seems like everyone is trying to compete with the IPad!

A raft of consumer electronics companies, ranging from HDTV leader Vizio to Japanese heavyweight Toshiba to Palm OS owner HP, will introduce their own tablets. These will be in a variety of sizes and price ranges, in the hopes that the right balance will be struck to unseat Apple in the tablet space. My take: Good luck. While some smaller devices along the lines of Samsung's Galaxy Tab will be successful, they won't threaten Apple's market lead.
Ian Gavan, Getty Images
It also looks like broadband and 4G for cell phones will be  a hot ticket!
Expect to learn about several new Android handsets that use Verizon's 4G high-speed LTE network at CES. Smartphone makers like Motorola and HTC have been chomping at the bit to get these phones to market, so look for a bevy of new models that should appeal to consumers. Let's just hope Verizon doesn't also announce an onerous pricing plan to use the faster network.

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