Every year I see a report from somewhere stating how bad ticks are going to be in Michigan. Well, I'm seeing it again this year, the only difference is that I'm seeing a lot more than I normally do. This leads me to believe, it's going to be another bad tick season and apparently experts agree.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, due to Michigan's unseasonably warm and wet winter coupled with an early spring, experts from the National Pest Management Association said Michigan is predicted to see an influx of ticks.

This wouldn't even be on my radar if it wasn't for the fact that I have a 150 pound Great Dane that loves to spend his summer days laying in the grass watching people walk their dogs in front of the house. He is in absolute heaven when he gets to chill in the grass. Now I have to worry about him bringing ticks into the house.

It's believed tick populations are expanding and black-legged or deer ticks, which transmit the bacteria that carry Lyme disease, are migrating from the western side of the state to the eastern.

Personally, I've never been bitten by a tick but I hear it's no fun. As a matter of fact, I just saw someone post on Facebook the other day about how they'd been bitten in the past and then became allergic to meat. Can that really happen?

The only thing I can really do is get a flea and tick preventative from the vet or have the yard sprayed to keep those nasty suckers at bay.

For a list of tips to prevent tick bites, go here.

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