Governor Rick Snyder laid out his most extensive plan so far concerning the Flint Water Crisis.

Just a few days after getting grilled by members of Congress in Washington, Snyder has put out this 75 point plan to fix Flint Water.

The major points of the plan call for much higher standards in drinking water regulation, but the plan does not call for replacement of all lead pipes in Flint.

The plan is broken down into four sections.

  1. Health & Human Services
  2. Water Supply & Infastructure
  3. Education
  4. Jobs & Economic Development

Each of the sections has a short term, intermediate, and long term goal structure that is laid out.

The plan talks about many things that are already being done in Flint, and extends them into a long term fix.  Mayor Karen Weaver welcomed the plan from Snyder, but was quick to point out that she was still waiting to hear about money to replace all of the lead pipes in Flint.  Click on the picture below to see the entire plan laid out by Governor Snyder.