This footage is incredible. Watch as a boat full of New Jersey fishermen get the surprise of a lifetime when a great white shark approaches their boat.

According to reports, the shark was roughly 16 feet long and 2000 pounds. Holy hell! I would have been freaking out. You can hear and see the men's reaction on board when the shark comes up from the water and steals chum from the side of the boat. Let me point out, the name of the boat is 'Big Nutz Required II' - I'll say!

Is it me or does there seem to be more shark sightings as well as attacks lately? Obviously we don't have to worry about shark attacks in Michigan, but it is still freaky to hear about and see in other parts of the country. I freak out if a fish swims beside me in a lake, I cannot imagine a shark encounter.

Lucky for these guys, the incident ended with no injuries. They certainly have one hell of a story to tell, and the video to prove it.