I am over it. It is June 18th and I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. I take that back, I did see it briefly today. Then as usual, clouds rolled in. Is it me, or shouldn't we be sweating our asses of daily by now?

Summer officially begins this Friday, June 21st. According to he National Weather Channel 10 day forecast, that day will actually be nice. NOT so much, the next 10 days after. See the chart below for yourself. Rain, thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms, PM rain, AM rain. Nothing but freaking rain right up to July 2nd.

Yes, I know it' Michigan and the weather can change at any minute - but come on already. I can't be the only one who misses the sun. I want to barbecue, I want to sit by a bonfire, I want to swim. I don't want to wear a raincoat all summer long.

The only positive is tequila is always good rain or shine. I am just trying to look on the bright side.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

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