At first glance this may look like a penis, but it is an actual hairstyle that has been breaking the internet. Ladies and gentleman say hello to the 'dick head' hairstyle.

I have had hairstyles that resemble a mushroom, but this is ridiculous - in a good way. I can barley fix my hair, let alone try to do something as intricate as this. This style is truly a work of art, and truly deceiving upon first glance. I know you thought the same thing, you thought it was a wiener right? This gives me an idea for a line of 'Wiener Wigs'.

This dick pic, was posted on social media in 2017, but for some odd reason it is hitting hard now (Wah Wah). If you do have long hair, or want to buy a wig - this would totally be a great body suit. Maybe just pair your penis hair with a pink bodysuit? You are welcome.

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