Michigan native Ginger Zee is the Chief Metorglist of ABC's Good Morning America. and earlier this week she did something so unexpected it left everyone speechless.

Credit: Ginger Zee via Instagram
Credit: Ginger Zee via Instagram

Ginger Zee was doing a live check-in with ABC 7 in San Fransico, California on Tuesday morning when news anchor Reggie Aqui asked Zee if it would be possible to borrow something of hers to wear for his Halloween Costume.

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Zee responded to his request by saying she thinks that is a fantastic idea. Reggie shared that they all talked about it in the newsroom and came up with the idea of possibly using one of her ABC News weather jackets from when she's out reporting in severe weather.

Ginger Zee Shocked Everyone With What She Offered Up For The Halloween Costume

Right after Reggie Aqui gave some examples of possible things he could borrow from Ginger Zee she started messing around with the left side of her hair and then to everyone's shock and delight Zee pulled out part of her hair clip and held it up in front of the camera. Zee said she would drop it in the mail and address it to Reggie Aqui.

I've watched this video over and over again and I still can't believe that Ginger Zee did that. I already loved her but now I love her even more. How many people do you know would do something like that on LIVE TV?

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