Man that claims to own hotel kicks family out at Midnight and calls them dumb democrats and idiots.

What was supposed to be a fun family outing in Northern Michigan turned into an absolute nightmare for two mothers and their five children.  According to Jennifer Biela, the family was awakened by the sound of water running.  She ran down to the front desk for help.  Instead of help, she was belittled and aggressively talked down to by the man behind the counter who claims to be the owner of the Crown Choice Inn and Suites in Mackinaw City.  In the videos below you can see the man tell Jennifer to pack up and leave as he calls her an idiot and a dumb democrat.

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It turns out the man is not the owner of the hotel.  He is related to the family that owns the hotel.  Enzo Lieghio, the owner of this hotel and several others in Mackinaw City told that they suspended the employee,

He’s been with us for 25 years.  He is a cousin of ours, but that doesn’t mean anybody can do whatever they want. Right now we have mandated that he go through some customer service classes.

If a pipe breaks in your hotel room in the middle of the night, you expect that to get fixed.  Not to be called names, kick a family out onto the streets in the middle of the night and attempt to press charges on the family for damaging the room.  A police report was filed at the insistence of the angry employee.  However, the local prosecutor refused to charge the customers.  The fact that the hotel owner feels that customer service classes for a 25 year employee will fix the situation is troublesome.  Especially when you see the alarming pattern of terrible service through customer reviews that were posted previous to this incident.

Jessica complained of terrible customer service, a dirty room and dirty lobby in her one-star review on Trip Advisor from last March,

I’m not one to usually write a review let alone a bad one but this place was absolutely terrible. I should’ve known when I called 2x prior to our visit and the staff was so rude both times.

Lisa M posted her 1-star review on Trip Advisor back in February of this year,

*Will transfer your reservation to another hotel without permission
*Filthy, Disgusting
*Very Rude

Cassandra gave Crown Choice Inn and Suites in Mackinaw City a 1 out of 5-Star review on expedia after allegedly finding bed bugs and bad customer service in April of this year,

Upon checking out we discovered Bed Bugs! The hotel had a nasty oder. Extremely dirty. Dirty laundry in the halls. Staff was friendly at first. Asked for our refund and contacted their local health department. I can safely say this place is a dump.

There's also a long list of complaints on the Better Business Bureau site.

Have you stayed at Crown Choice Inn and Suites in Mackinaw City?  If so, did you have a positive or negative experience?  Let us know in the comments.

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