The thrills of Cedar Point roller coasters are as much of a Summer tradition as a trip to Lake Michigan around here. Find out when the park will open for 2019.

At 10 am on May 11, 2019 the gates will open at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Long known as the roller coaster capital of the world, the thrill park is a vacation destination for families all throughout the Midwest, holding the record for the most roller coaster track of any amusement park in the world (11.4 miles).

No new coasters were built over the Winter of 2018-19, so Steel Vengeance remains the park's newest thrill, breaking no less than 10 world records in the new hybrid category. Vengeance is one of 6 roller coasters over 200' tall at Cedar Point and one of a 71 rides at the park- another world record.

So keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times and get ready to enjoy a record-breaking Summer at the amazing Cedar Point.


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