Everyone gets sick - I get it. What I don't get is why people hug other people when they are sick with a cold or flu.

I am a hugger, but I have no problem telling someone that attempts to hug me, that I am under the weather. It seriously ticks me off when a person tells me they are sick AFTER they give me a hug. The same goes for handshakes.

Just this week I ran into two people who told me they were sick after we hugged. These are not long embracing hugs either, but certainly long enough and close enough to pick up germs. As I type this I feel completely exhausted. I got plenty of sleep last night. Am I tired because these two sick people hugged me? Am I coming down with something? Am I paranoid?

I can't be the only person this bothers. Rant over. I am headed to the pharmacy for a box of Emergenc-C (and tequila). If I run into you at the drug store, I promise I won't hug you.

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