Here's a challenge for you, checkout these military homecomings and try not to cry at your desk this Veterans Day. I totally dare you!

Let me just tell you that I didn't make it. I cried a little bit. These reminded me of when my Uncle Art came home from spending time in Operation Desert Storm. I remember my Mom getting the quick call from her little brother of, "I don't know where I am going, but I'll call you when I get there." Seeing the kick off of the war on CNN and thinking, "this is real". But the best part of all that was when Uncle Art came home. He pulled into Flint Bishop Airport, hugged us all, and ate his weight in steak & chocolate chip cookie dough.

I hope you have a great homecoming story like that. I want to thank every single last Vet. We love you and we respect you. I'm not just saying that because my family has a few military Vets in line. Both my grandparents on my Mother's side were in the Navy, Uncle Ed was in the Navy, Uncle Art was in the Army and currently my fiance Mark is in the Coast Guard reserves. I promised Mark that I wouldn't embarrass him, so no picture, but I'm still proud of him and the rest of my Veteran family. Happy Veterans Day!

@amieburkeabomb via Instagram
@amieburkeabomb via Instagram

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