I'm a huge fan of science and have lived in Michigan my entire life yet, for whatever reason, I've never been to the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. Since most of the exhibits at the Michigan Science Center are geared towards kids, I'll have to use my son as an excuse to check out the new exhibition called POPnology.

POPnology is a really unique experience that features rare pop-culture artifacts that blend Hollywood, science, and technology into one amazing, 8,000 square foot exhibit. There are more than 30 interactive exhibits that celebrate and explore the greatest works of innovation and imagination in pop culture history.

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According to MLive, they have replicas of famous icons including interactive animatronics R2-D2, E.T., Hal 9000, H.R. Giger’s Alien, the DeLorean, and more. They had me at H.R. Giger’s Alien. I will go for that reason alone. Yeah, I'm kind of a big fan.

Chad Howard, President and COO of Signal Restoration Services:

Signal Restoration Services is thrilled to support MiSci with this incredibly exciting exhibit that is sure to captivate visitors all summer long. We believe in giving back to our community and helping children and families grow from fun and engaging learning experiences such as POPnology.


When is POPnology at the Michigan Science Center?

Popnology is going on now through August 11, 2022. You'll find it in Mi-Sci’s special exhibition space up on the fourth floor.

How Much Are Tickets to Attend POPnology?

  • Adults (16-64) - $18
  • Seniors (65+) - $14
  • Youth (2-15) - $14
  • Children Under 2 - Free

Check out the video to get a real understanding of POPnology.

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