There's a decided trend this year toward homemade costumes for Halloween. Nearly 45-percent of those answering a Bing poll say they think they would be shelling out too much money for an outfit they're only going to wear one night, so they'll be creating something themselves.  By comparison, just 12-percent felt this way last year.  Another trend is toward dressing up as a person -- either a celebrity or fictional character.  Women appear to be inspired by last spring's Royal Wedding, with 47-percent saying they plan to dress as the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.  The men, meanwhile, seem to be on Team Edward this Halloween, as 35-percent plan to transform themselves into "Twilight's" vampire Edward Cullen.  Bing also suggests other options that won't bust the budget, such a rock star or reality TV star like "Jersey Shore's" Pauly D or Snooki.

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