I have always liked the Detroit Tigers, but in the past few years my wife and I have become obsessed. Even our kids, who used to play soccer, have switched over to softball and tee ball. While the Tigers have had a good season so far, nothing compares to last night's game against Baltimore.

Going into the 9th inning, Detroit was down 0-1. Alex Avila hit a single and was then replaced by pinch-runner Rajai Davis, who went to steal second base and was called out. That call was challenged and reversed with the use of instant replay after more than two minutes. That was the first in a series of events that turned, what looked like an inevitable loss, into one of the greatest comebacks in baseball history.  Watch that play here.

With Rajai safe and only one out, Torii Hunter was walked putting two men on base. Then, Orioles pitcher Tommy Hunter's worst nightmare came true as Miguel Cabrera approached the plate. On the second pitch, Cabrera smacked a curve ball over the left-center-field wall for a 3-run home run. Click here for that unbelievable play.

Then came the icing on the cake as Victor Martinez followed Miggy by slamming another home run in to right field that landed in the street outside the stadium, allowing a 4-1 win over the Orioles (See it here).  If the Tigers sweep this three-game series with a 12:35 game today against Baltimore, it will be the first time that has happened since 2005.

Miguel Cabrera is a hitting machine. He celebrated his 2,000th hit just over a month ago.  Ironically they were playing against Baltimore at the time, and not-so-ironically, it was yet another home run!

UPDATE:  THEY DID IT!  The Detroit Tigers swept Baltimore 7 to 5 this afternoon for their first three-game sweep against the Orioles since 2005.  This also marks their eighth consecutive road game.  The Tigers will take a day off tomorrow (their second of only two days off in May) before starting a three-game series against the Boston Red Sox.