If there's one thing that'll quench a Michigander's thirst, it's Faygo.

The popular Detroit-based company just unleashed another new and exciting flavor. This new flavor, Orange Creme is based on one of America's favorite frozen treats....the orange creamsicle.

Faygo Beverages Inc.

We tossed out the stick and bottled those nostalgic swirls of creamy vanilla and sweet orange. Regardless of age, always indulge in the things that bring you joy. Never Stop Dreamin.

Faygo Flavors

It's hard to believe that Faygo still has the creative juices to come up with new flavors. With over 50 flavors under the Faygo brand, they continue to come up with tasty new flavors that fans love.

Just last month, Faygo announced three new flavors including Blackberry Melonade, Mango Tango, and Pomberry Punch.

Faygo History

Faygo has been around for a very long time, over 115 years.

It was founded by baker immigrant brothers, Ben and Perry Feigenson in 1907. The original flavors of Faygo, fruit punch, strawberry, and grape, were based on cake frosting recipes used by the Feigensons in Russia.

In the late 1960s, the rest of the United States learned of Faygo as they started advertising during Detroit Tiger baseball games. As they say, the rest is history.

Old School Faygo Fans

I'm old School when it comes to Faygo as my favorite is the OG...Red Pop. According to Wikipedia, Faygo first introduced strawberry pop in its 1907 initial lineup. In 1970, the name of the strawberry pop was officially changed to Red Pop. Obviously, I'm not alone on this as Red Pop is Faygo's best-selling soda.

How Well Do You Know Faygo?

Including its sparkling water and Ohana-branded non-carbonated drinks, Faygo is responsible for more than 50 flavors of deliciousness. How many of these flavors can you identify just by their labels?

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