The Fenton area is home to numerous lakes. It has become the preferred place to live in Genesee County because there is (was) so much lake front property.

One of those lakes, situated next to Rolston Road, is getting another name change.

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What's the new lake name in Fenton Township?

Squaw Lake in Fenton Township was renamed, in 2022, by the United States Board of Geographic Names because it was a slur toward native women according to a report ABC 12.

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At that time, it was renamed to Aanikegamaa Lake (meaning "chain of lakes"). That, doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Now, it's about to get another, new name. The people of Fenton Township had a few different options from which to choose.

  • Little Ponemah
  • Serenity Lake
  • Swan Island Lake
  • Swan Lake
  • Aanakegamaa Lake

The overwhelming winner was Swan Lake, which is fitting. Nearby you'll find Crane Lake and Loon Lake, just to its north.

Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View

When will the new name be in place?

It's going to take a minute as Fenton Township must submit the paperwork to the US Board of Geographic Names.

And... it looks like they need to inform the folks at Google Maps, too.

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Little Ponemah has a great ring to it, too. After all Lake Ponemah is so well known. But I don't live in Fenton Township to have a say.

No matter the name, the beautiful view remains the same.

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