Lately, I've been seeing people posting in one of Grand Blanc's resident Facebook groups begging for potholes to be patched. It turns out, pothole patching is a shared responsibility through the county. Where you live will make a difference in how to get them fixed. I'll cover that here. Plus, we'll learn how road craters (potholes) are prioritized.

Why isn't my city, village or township fixing potholes?

I spoke with Genesee County Road Commission's (GCRC) Communications Coordinator, Kylie Dontje for answers to all of the questions you might have.

Q1: If you're in a city or village, who is responsible for fixing potholes?  Where/How should it be reported?

A: Cities and villages have their own public works department that handles the roads. They’d be the best ones to ask how to report potholes.

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Q2: If you're in a township, who is responsible for fixing potholes?  Where/How should it be reported?

A: GCRC is responsible for roads within townships. We also contract with MDOT for maintenance on their roads (including filling potholes). Residents can report them on our website, here.

Q3: If you're in a subdivision, who is responsible for fixing potholes?  Where/How should it be reported?

A: If it’s a public road, it’s GCRC’s responsibility. If it’s private, there is usually a homeowner’s association that takes care of the road. You can find out which roads are public vs private on our website under maps.

Potholes on public roads can be reported on our website.

Q4: How are potholes prioritized to be fixed?

A: If there’s a pothole that’s causing a hazard, that is a priority. Typically garages go through their service requests and respond as they are entered [in the order received].

Q5: How much of GCRC's budget goes to fixing potholes?

A: It is a negligible amount compared to heavy construction. The real impact is the amount of time our crews spend patching potholes in the winter and spring. Most of our service requests are for pothole patching and grading.

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Q6: Which area reports the most potholes?

A: It varies year-round depending on the population in each township that is reporting potholes.

Q7: How many potholes does GCRC fix each year?

A: A few thousand

Bonus Pothole Trivia: GCRC recycles asphalt in the winter when the asphalt plants are closed. Check out their video to see how that works.

Of course, if you want to call to report a pothole, you can do that by calling 810-767-4920 and remember to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Finally, for those that think "the system" needs fixed or tax dollars should be spent differently -- Learn how your local, regional, state government works and get involved...maybe run for office?

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