The cities of Burton and Grand Blanc, MI each have a mayoral election (in addition to others) on November 7th.

We, the people, the candidates' constituents, deserve to know what each candidate has and wants to offer.

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Grand Blanc and Burton Elections

A little over 29,000 people live in Burton and just under 8,000 in the City of Grand Blanc.

Voters in each city have concerns about their hometowns, in no particular order:

  • Roads
  • Crime
  • Taxes
  • Schools
  • Blight
  • City Hall
  • Lack of new businesses
  • Too many new businesses
  • Jobs

You get the idea.

How often do we publicly hear about candidate vision?

We all see the election yard signs, but those do not provide insight.

Some people are deeply involved in community government, but not a majority. Even those folks don't know everything they could about a candidate and their vision.

Let's insist on knowing more about candidates.

On behalf of all voters in Grand Blanc and Burton, communicate your vision. Show us what you want/plan to do.

There is so much opportunity to engage the community. What's your plan to:

  • develop key areas in your city?
  • bring great jobs to your city?
  • bring more restaurants and/or entertainment to your city?
  • reduce property taxes or better use the tax revenue the city is collecting?
  • address any school district needs?
  • tackle blight?
  • beautify the city you plan to represent?
  • fix roads?
  • address crime?
  • attract quality businesses your residents would like to see?
  • make your city more walkable or bike friendly?
  • remind residents of the great amenities that already exist?
  • address declining populations in your city? How do we get more people to stay?
  • reduce the budget since people are not staying? What should you cut?
  • find out what the people want you to do more or less of in your city?
  • communicate what you've accomplished on a regular basis?
  • hold yourself accountable?
  • communicate on any of these topics with folks that may vote for you?

Please, don't expect people to find you in a world full of algorithms that keep them in a bubble. Do whatever it takes to engage your future constituents in ways you haven't tried before.

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For Grand Blanc, Burton, Flint and every city in Genesee County -- our best days are ahead of us.

It's time "we the people," act like it and expect the same from candidates.

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