We're nearing 5 p.m. on Wednesday down in Cleveland and it has been a hectic day to say the least! But first a little on last night and some controversy that ensued off sight.

On Tuesday night was able to make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a private party put on by the RIAA. The performer was a band from the 90s, Third Eye Blind. Now I have never been a fan, but was excited because we were seeing a concert in the lobby of the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME! Doors opened at 11 p.m. and we were able to go  all throughout the Hall. Now there were drinks and snacks and a DJ playing, however, Third Eye Blind  didn't take the stage until 1 a.m., didn't play any of their hits, the lead singer looked drunk or like he just didn't care, and then toward the end of the show, proceeded to admonish the crowd in attendance. Thankfully I was already walking out at that point, but it's been much talked about here today (more on their performance here).

Made it to Media Row this morning and was able to secure an interview with conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza. He has a new movie coming out about Hillary Clinton on Friday and also had some interesting things to say about Michael Moore. You can hear his full interview below:

From there it was a rush to call into Dan Foley's show and give an update and prepare for my show an interview with Attorney General Bill Schuette. The Michigan AG spoke on the main stage on Monday and talked about Flint during his speech. When asked if more charges would be coming, Schuette would simple say "stay tuned." I also played my conversation with Montell Williams last night.

After that, it was trying to get some posts done for the website and onto a much needed lunch. After that, I checked out Progressive Field where a number of vendors are set up to sell their goods. Have to get back to catch a Indians-Tigers game sometime soon!

After some time that, made my way back to Media Row and encountered many problems trying to upload the D'Souza interview to YouTube. Oh well. I may get some crap for it, but I tried...a lot!

From here might try and make my way down to the floor in the "Q." Along with some of Donald Trump's familu, VP nominee Mike Pence is expected to speak. After that, who knows what the night may hold! Perhaps a concert at Cleveland's House of Blues where Blues Traveler is playing. Knowing their politics, something tells me it might be a more enjoyable concert than last nights!



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