Jeff Beck's wild and crazy guitar licks were the driving force behind The Yardbirds "Over, Under, Sideways, Down". This week in 1966 the song hit the singles chart and would eventually make it up to #13 nationwide.

In an interview at, Jeff talked about joining The Yardbirds in the spring of 1965 and not owning a guitar at the time. According to the article Jeff remembers that moment..."I actually didn't have a guitar of my own, I was so hard up. The Yardbirds sort of sneaked Eric's guitar out. He'd finished using the red Tele (Fender Telecaster)
and was using a Les Paul, so he didn't care about the red Tele. The bands manager, said well, 'You'd better use Eric's guitar—we can't afford to go out and buy one now.' So I borrowed Eric's for the first couple of gigs".
You can read the complete Jeff Beck interview at

Larry Hinze via YouTube

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