Hey Hey We’re The Monkees [VIDEO]
This week in 1966 NBC TV premiered The Monkees a situation comedy based loosely on the success of The Beatles. The opening credits have a similarity to scenes from The Beatles films A Hard Days Night and Help.
The show would last for two seasons but continue to live on supported by a large fan base..…
The Beatles Change Direction 48 Years Ago
This week in 1966, The Beatles had the #1 album in the U.S.A. Their collection Revolver would stay #1 for six weeks and introduce Beatle fans to a new chapter with the boys starting to experiment with different sounds and styles of music.
Donovan Flashback With Sunshine Superman
Looking out the studio window right now this song feels perfect. It’s Donovan with 'Sunshine Superman' which was the #1 song here in the U.S.A. this week in 1966. Future members of Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are featured on the tune.
The Beatles Show A New Musical Side 48 Years Ago
On this day in 1966, The Beatles let the world know that they had entered a new chapter with the release of the album Revolver. This collection of Beatle songs shows the band exploring, experimenting and expanding their musical abilities.
Doing The Wild Thing 48 Years Ago
A one of a kind song was #1 this week in 1966. A group called The Troggs part of the British invasion of rock had Americans singing Wild Thing. Every garage band across the country was playing this tune.
Buffalo Springfield Goes Public 48 Years Ago
This week in 1966, Buffalo Springfield the band that introduced us to Neil Young, and Stephen Stills performed for the first time in public when they opened in San Bernardino, California for The Byrds featuring David Crosby.