Out of the rock and roll history book it was this week in 1966The Rolling Stones are in the RCA studios in Hollywood, California recording the song Paint It Black. It would take two days to complete the process and the tune would be released a month later and make it up to #1.
Now 52 years later The Rolling Stones are still rocking and getting ready to do another tour. Mick Jagger was recently interviewed by Scotland's The Sunday Post newspaper and was asked if this is the bands farewell tour. According to The Sunday Post, Mick says that '‘I haven’t really thought about this set of gigs being our last tour, to be honest'. ‘There is going to come a point when we don’t want to do it any more, for whatever reason – but I’m not thinking about that this summer.’
The No Filter tour starts May 17th in Dublin with stops in London, Scotland, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Poland.

agustin vides via YouTube

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