For years and years, it's been an ongoing battle between the air staff here in the building to be the first to get their pool open, up and running. Tony LaBrie from Banana 101.5 was a fierce competitor until he moved into a new home sans-pool, and our web guy, Tree has always been solid with his timing and result.  And now, Pat and A.J. are the proud owners of a new pool too.

But no one, not one of us, not ever, had even the smallest hope of the possibility of a chance to be the first, as long as the Grand Poobah of opening pools was in the building. It took the retirement of our good friend, J. Patrick the pool czar, for anyone to have a shot.

Fenech Pictures

Well, I am pleased to announce that as of 12:02am (Eastern Time) on this the fifth day June, in the year Two-Thousand Fifteen A.D., I can make this report. The water level is perfect, there is no debris at the bottom, both the surface skimmer and the bottom drain are working at full capacity, the water is clear and blue, and even though 2/3 of the water just went in over the last 36 hours, the temperature is already up to 67!

Even with the hole in my winter cover, the 12-foot gap where my liner popped out, and the cracks on the staircase, I did it! And now, like Tony, J. Patrick also lives in a home sans-pool, so I would have beaten him anyway! Booyah!! Suck it, Tree!