Another Jimi Hendrix family court battle is underway and once again it's Jimi's brother Leon and sister Jani who are at odds. This time the subject of the court case is marijuana.
Leon wants to market a Jimi Hendrix-branded lineup of marijuana products. With the growing legalization of weed nationwide Jimi's brother feels this a prime time to introduce and offer to the public marijuana with the Jimi Hendrix seal of approval.
Leon's idea won't happen if sister Jani has her way, legal resistance is in place from the Hendrix Estate which is headed by Jani. The suit says in part..."This action arises from Defendants’ attempts to improperly exploit the intellectual property rights of one of the greatest artists in the history of rock and roll music, Jimi Hendrix."  Plus they want to prevent the commercialization of Jimi’s name.
It's not an unknown piece of history that Jimi loved to smoke his marijuana, as you can see from the video.

James Cronin via YouTube



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