Heeeere's Johnny!

TMZ is reporting that an X-rated tape, probably filmed in the mid 1970s and featuring the iconic late night talk show host, Johnny Carson, is being shopped around to private collectors for an undisclosed amount of money.

It's doubtful that a member of the Carson estate will be the buyer. The owner of the sex tape attempted to sell it to Johnny Carson's family last September, but they declined the purchase and threatened legal action if the tape was ever released. The sale of the raunchy tape to a porn distribution company is not an option for legal reasons.

According to multiple sources, the action starts poolside, then moves in to a bedroom for another action packed 20 minutes, and features a dark haired woman with a bouffant hair style. There is speculation that she is his third wife, former model Joan Copeland. The couple married in 1972.

Carson certainly had a love for the ladies, and his many indiscretions during his four marriages is legendary, even by Hollywood's standards.

TMZ and Perez Hilton are reporting that the tape is pretty graphic and insiders say that Carson is quite the entertainer, on and off the stage.

There has been no comment from Alexis Maas Carson, Johnny's fourth wife and there is no word yet on a buyer for the tape.

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