Golf is one of those sports that is played all around the globe. It might not always be played well, as many people participate in the social aspect, but it is enjoyed by a staggering number of enthusiasts nevertheless.

As a matter of fact, actually made a list of the U.S. states ranked by Golfiness. And it was no surprise to find Michigan near the top of that list (tied for 6th Golfiest) as it boasts the fourth-highest course tally in the U.S., earning the northern part of Michigan the nickname "America's Summer Golf Capital."

Golf can be expensive, which prevents some folks from doing it as often as they'd like to. Even cheap clubs aren't cheap. And, by the time you get those clubs in the bag with the balls and tees, put on your shoes and glove, pay for your cart, green fees, favorite snacks, and beverages, and actually get to the first tee... you have spent close to a mortgage payment.

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If You're Looking for a Fun New Alternative

Now that spring is here, many of us are looking to bring the entire family out for a fun golf-like experience without breaking the bank. If you haven't tried disc golf yet, take this as your sign to get started this Spring! All you need is a disc or two for everyone in the family and to find a disc golf course near you. According to The Disc Golf Scene, there are currently 581 disc golf courses in Michigan, most of which offer 9-18 or more holes. The odds are you are near one now.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Duffy Connolly via Canva

Like golf clubs, disc golf discs are made by many companies, ranging from $10 to $40 per disc. And, although there are three main types of discs: Distance, Mid-Range, and Putter, it is possible to play an entire round with just one disk. This is actually quite common with new players.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Duffy Connolly via Canva

What Do the Disc Golf Courses Charge to Play? 

The best part about disc golf (besides spending time with friends and family) is that most courses are FREE to play. Check out a list of Michigan disc golf courses here, as well as tons of other disc golf information.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Duffy Connolly via YouTube

If you have played before, you already know. But for those who have never played disc golf before, grab a disc (or two, or three, or twenty), grab some people you enjoy spending time with, fill up a cooler with your favorite food and drink, and try your hand at what is quickly turning into one of Michigan's favorite "free" sports.

PS: It's great exercise, too!

Check out this Disc Golf Hole in One (Ace) Compilation video to see what can happen when everything that needs to go right, does.

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