If you have ever been lucky enough to grace the waters of beautiful Lake Nepessing in Lapeer, then you already know how amazing this lake is. But firework shows don't just happen, they need funding and planning and preparation, and there was plenty of that again this year in Lapeer.

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Boat Parade and Fireworks Behind the Scenes

When people come to Lake Nepessing on 'Event Day,' they get to see the Boat Parade and an amazing (privately funded) Fireworks Show that rivals some of the best in the area. But it is the preparation of the Lake Association, as well as the local residents, that actually make this highly anticipated event happen each year.

Thanks to generous donations from local residents, as well as local businesses like Lake Inn, Lapeer Country Club, Hilltop Campground, and Lake Nepessing Golfland, 'Event Day' on Lake Nepessing never disappoints.

Did Inclement Weather Affect the Day's Events?

While some areas actually cancelled their events due to potentially threatening weather, Lake Nepessing decided to go ahead with the festivities as planned. And, although there was some intermittent rain throughout the day, it didn't put a damper on the fun.

The Boat Parade got the worst of the weather threats with a fairly steady downpour delaying the start time from 1pm to a bit later than that. But, once the rain stopped, the boats started! And, as always, there were some wonderfully decorated boats for the onlookers to enjoy.

As far as the fireworks, thanks to the dark and cloudy weather, they were able to start a little ahead of schedule and put on a show that did not disappoint. There were easily 100+ boats of all shapes and sizes on the water for the show. And, for those on the shore, all the lights on the boats just made the lake that much more beautiful.

Please enjoy the gallery of photos taken from the day and night's events.

And if it looks like fun, consider stopping by next year. The more the merrier, right?

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