Celebrity endorsements are nothing new. We see and hear them all day, every day. But this is the first one for Jon Bon Jovi.


I'm talking about Advil, and you can insert your 'bad medicine' jokes here!

Why use Jon Bon Jovi to sell Advil? Brian Groves, VP-CMO of U.S. Consumer Healthcare at Pfizer says in a 'Forbes Magazine' interview "He's a fantastic icon in pop culture and we love incorporating him into our "Real Advil Stories" campaign because while he's a celebrity, he's also a real guy. He is a very recognizable real guy.

On the flip side, why would Jon endorse Advil? He actually uses the product for aches and pains related to touring and performing. He injured a leg muscle on stage during the last Bon Jovi tour, and in an interview he mentioned taking Advil for the pain. When the marketing people at Pfizer, the makers of Advil heard that, they pitched him the idea of an endorsement.

The interview in Forbes Magazine doesn't disclose how much Jon was paid for the endorsement, but it did confirm that Pfizer does support the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

You can check out Jon's Advil ad below.

How much do celebrity endorsements influence what you buy? Would you buy Advil because Jon says it's a great product? I usually buy generic Ibuprofin, but I have to tell you,  Jon could sell me swamp land in the desert!