It's official. Juwan Howard will be the new head basketball coach at the University of Michigan.

Howard was the popular choice from the moment it became public that he was a candidate. He had the public support of some former teammates like Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Jalen Rose.

Michigan announced that Howard would become only the 17th head coach at Michigan on Twitter.

Juwan is not on twitter, but that didnt stop a fake account from tweeting about how excited he was lol

Michigan used their twitter account for the rest of the night to celebrate and justify the hiring of Howard.

Some U of M fans are a little unsure about hiring someone with no head coaching experience, but most fans are ecstatic.

U of M posted a 'Get To Know The Coach' article shortly after the announcement. There is a lot of good info there, and is definitely worth the read. You can look at it here.

For the doubters though, nothing will be answered until Howard leads the team to a few years of success in the Big Ten.

I think Michigan realizes that especially based off their last tweet of the night.

It feels like U of M might be trying to over justify this a little right?

We will find out for sure considering Howard signed a five year deal.

So my question to Michigan fans is simple . . . are you happy with the hire?

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