Holy hell this is insane. Watching this police chase, is like watching a movie.

An unidentified woman (at time of writing this), driving a stolen RV, led Los Angeles police on a 30 minute chase. The woman was driving so erratically she hit other vehicles, and even side swiped a row of palm trees that took off a portion of the RV, and kept going. WTF?

It was so crazy, even one of the two dogs she had on her lap while driving, jumped and or fell out of the moving vehicle (video below, warning it is graphic). It is amazing the dog walked away after the jump, this lady was driving 60 miles per hour.

So what stopped her? She hit another vehicle, that forced her to crash into trees. Wait -it's not over. She got out of the RV and ran. I told you, it is like a movie. As you can imagine she was caught.

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