The Kalkaska County Sheriff's Department will once again crack down on this years drinking and celebrating at Torch Lake.

Torch Lake is one of the most popular places in Michigan to celebrate the fourth of July, but just like last year police will be on patrol watching over more than 10,000 people who plan to celebrate on the Northern Michigan lake.

In 2015 residents were livid with how visitors left Torch Lake after partying for three days, and filed a lawsuit. Torch Lake Protection Alliance filed the lawsuit which banned, Brooks Ehlert, and Beatbox Beverages from promoting, sponsoring, and/or hosting a large party at the lake.

Kalkaska County Sheriff's Department will continue to monitor activity this year, and have teamed up with the Antrim County Sheriff's Office, Michigan State Police, and the Department Of Natural Resources to ensure this year to keep Torch Lake safe and clean.





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