Is there anything as panic-inducing as when your cell phone battery starts giving you warnings that it's about to, gulp, DIE? Enter the Fuel Micro Charger, a tiny cell phone power source that's like Viagra for your phone.Just don't expect it to last four hours.

Shaped and decorated like a tiny rusted gas can, the Fuel Micro Charger easily slides on to your keychain for use during moments when your phone is fading. The micro-USB port allows you to access or charge the 220 milliAmp battery.

Some phone owners prefer to buy mobile chargers or battery packs to help extend their phone's life, but those devices are sometimes as ugly as they are expensive. For the cost of a round of drinks, the Fuel Micro Charger can give you 20-30 minutes of insurance, sort of like those incessant Flo commercials during sporting events.

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