Social media is not just for teens and tweens, it seems to be the way most men feel comfortable about communicating with others as well.  Yes the majority of the population has a Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even a blog, but is this the way a man feels most comfortable communicating with others? did an article about ‘5 Things Social Media Tells Us About Manhood’ and it’s not what you would think. It’s not talking about how less a man we are, but rather how we communicate with each other and use social medial on a daily basis. What I find most interesting is that the author talks about how all men have 'baboon brains' and all we think about is sex and viewing other women than our significant others.

The author says:

The baboon male is famously polygamous. At our worst, we men are thought of as not being very advanced from baboons in our focus on sexual encounters and inability to commit to a single mate.

Really? Is that women think of us, we are baboons who focus on our sexual prowess?

But most guys just use their baboon brains to fantasize about women other than their wives or girlfriends.

Where did he get this information, from just being a guy? Well if that's the case, then can this statement really be true from a 'baboon brain'?

Whether its sports, communicating with each other about fatherhood, lifestyle, or viewing our favorite supermodels us men use social media to the max. Read the full article at

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