If you have wondered what people are eating during a quarantine year, here is the top 10 list.

If you are anything like me, you probably tried or made food you normally wouldn't this year. With many things shutdown and the quarantines, I had a lot more time to play around in the kitchen and experiment.

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After analyzing sales throughout the year, Kroger has announced the top 10 trending food items for 2020. The list is based on their year-over-year sales growth in their 2,800 retail stores and pickup, delivery, and shipments. The top 10 trending food items are as follow:

  1. Zero-calorie soft drinks
  2. Four-cheese Mexican blend shredded cheese
  3. Flavored potato chips (hot & spicy, regional flavors, and meal-inspired varieties)
  4. Sauvignon blanc wine
  5. Heavy whipping cream
  6. Fresh burger patties
  7. Artisan breads and restaurant-style buns
  8. Bulk individual coffee pods (96-count)
  9. Party-size bags of variety chocolate
  10. Black forest ham

The most-popular foods and beverages of 2020 underscore how our customers not only adapted to the challenges of this unique year but embraced cooking and eating at home as part of their new routine...As many of our customers transitioned to working from home and virtual schoolrooms this year, coffee, fresh deli meat and artisan bread emerged as go-to staples for elevated breakfast and lunch routines, while zero-calorie soft drinks, unique potato chip flavors, wine and chocolate stood out as comfort-food favorites. Fresh ground beef, premium buns and shredded cheese also rose in popularity as our customers recreated their favorite restaurant-style burgers at home...said Stuart Aitken, Kroger's Chief Merchant.

I have to say, their top 10 food items look nothing like mine. The list above is way healthier than what I have been buying. No wonder I've put on so much quarantine weight.

Source: Kroger


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