And you were having a rough post-holiday work week. Wait until you get a look at this.

While everyone was out having a great time with friends and family during the Fourth of July break, someone was busy firing their employees in a group text.  A friend of mine who works (well, now "worked") for a restaurant in downtown Lapeer, shared with me that she had been fired. Now, that in itself is horrible, then she told me that it was via group text. What?


Wow. Now, there are always two sides to every story, but I would assume this particular friend is a great employee, based on my experiences with her. She claims to be unaware of the reason she had been let go, and there was no indication that she would be losing her job. She claims to have had no write-ups or disciplinary action, and for all she knew, she would be back at work after break slinging burgers and brews in Downtown Lapeer... Until she got the above text.

Of course it's horrible to be fired, but getting your walking papers through a text is the ultimate slap in the face. The fact that it was in a group text just adds insult to injury. I know it is hard to run a business, especially a restaurant, but that's an ice cold way to give someone the heave-ho, even if it was a deserved firing.

Editor's note: This is updated version of the article. An earlier version included opinions and assumptions that were not clearly identified as such.

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