In a show of unity, a group of Lapeer restaurants have made the pledge together to stay open despite the current three week "pause" on indoor dining in the State of Michigan.

Taking to their social media pages the restaurants all posted the same disclaimer as to why they are making a decision to conduct business as usual despite guidelines to end indoor dining.

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The restaurants, Lake Inn, Teds Lapeer, EG Nicks, and Daners Diner, say they will be reopening for dine-in service despite the order from the MDHHS to remain closed.

Each restaurant posted to social media the following statement.



With no aid in sight and the threat of another protracted shutdown looming over our industry, we as local restaurant owners have decided to band together and reopen our businesses in support of our workers and our community.  We are doing this because - simply put - our people are hurting.  Unlike the dine-in ban earlier in the pandemic, there’s no federal aid this time around.  There’s no expanded unemployment benefits for jobless restaurant workers. There’s no CARES ACT or PPP support for our businesses. The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association predicts that another protracted shutdown will bankrupt "more than" half of all Michigan bars & restaurants, and that’s on top of those who have already thrown in the towel.  We are in a no-win situation.  If we want to live to fight another day, we must stand up and reopen our businesses now.

As local independent owners of small businesses, we’re not well-capitalized like the chains are.  Carryout alone is not enough to sustain our businesses through a major revenue dip from yet another shutdown.  We still bear the responsibility for all the hard costs of operating a restaurant – rent, mortgages, property taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.  It’s a huge monetary burden that many of us can no longer carry.  We consumed all of our capital reserves on the first shutdown which was supposed to be “just two weeks” but lasted almost three months.  For a lot of businesses right now, this second shutdown is going to be the nail in their coffin.  

Independent restaurants provide immeasurable value to their communities.  We help to provide the local economy with jobs.  We offer support to related industries like the farmers, craft breweries, and logistics and distribution companies, just to name a few.  We help lift up our community with charitable giving for those in need.  We become community cheerleaders by sponsoring our children’s sports teams … if we cease to exist, a major part our of community’s culture and vibrancy dies along with us.  We cannot let this happen!

We understand there is going to be pushback and that not all will agree with our stance.  We understand and appreciate those viewpoints. However, we must balance the risks of reopening with the costs of staying closed.  As a collective, we feel there are no other options at this point.  It’s a matter of survival for our businesses and those that depend on us. Please remember our bartenders, waitresses and cooks that are trying to put food on their tables and provide for their families.  Please keep in mind our patrons, some of who view our restaurants as their home away from home where they seek friendship and socialization.  Mental health is of importance right now too, especially as we approach the holiday season.    

Our industry has shown that we can operate safely and responsibly in a pandemic environment.  Data from the MDHHS shows that restaurants account for just 4.4% of all active covid-19 outbreaks across our great state, yet thousands of jobs in our community hang in the balance.  As restaurant owners and operators, we are committed to observing the necessary safety and sanitation protocols to keep our staff and guests safe while providing an enjoyable guest experience.  Please know that we do care about the health and safety of everyone.  We also care about the mental and financial health of our workers and community too.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

Comments on the Facebook pages of the eateries show quite a bit of support for the decision to re-open, but also some push-back as anticipated.

Earlier this week Woodchips BBQ in Lapeer and The Meeting Place in Fenton announced their decisions to stay open as well. 


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