A large domesticated African cat is on the loose in Royal Oak after it got out of its' owner's house this morning.

According to Fox 2, Royal Oak Schools were notified by police about the large, domesticated cat in the area of 13 Mile and Rochester Road. Residents who live in the area with small pets are urged to keep them inside as caracals are predators.

The caracal cat, also known as the Persian lynx and the gazelle cat is a medium-sized wild cat that is found in Africa, India and the Middle East. They average about 20 inches at the shoulder and range from 20 to 40 pounds. That's a big freaking cat.

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Apparently, a woman that lives in Royal Oak owns four caracals that have gotten out of her home on more than one occasion. Two of the cats got out earlier this morning but the woman was only able to catch one of them. Normally she uses raw meat to lure them back into the house, must not have worked this time.

The cat that is on the loose was spotted near an elementary school in Royal Oak.

The owner says the cat isn't dangerous but police aren't taking any chances and have gotten animal control involved with the situation.

These cats have been known to take down prey much larger than themselves, including small antelope and goats.

Anyone who spots the caracal should immediately call 911. Children should not approach or try to pet the cat.

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