Thinking back and reflecting on the last year and a half we really have all been through a lot. The pandemic really makes you wonder how we got through it all.  It was tough being stuck in the house, many of us working from home, that is if you were fortunate enough to be working because so many lost their jobs at the beginning of the COVID19 scare. Frankly, I was going stir crazy being shut in last winter.  It was also really tough for the folks that could not pay rent, many were glad for the federal eviction moratorium.

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Moratorium Has Been Extended

If you remember, Michigan like many states followed and enforced a federal moratorium that kept many from being forced out of their homes because they could not pay rent. That's a tough feeling to struggle to pay your bills and not being able to make rent on time. The moratorium was supposed to end on June 30th according to  Here is the latest. If you're renting you now have till the last day of July to pay your rent and avoid eviction.

Gerry Leslie who serves as the program director of the Michigan State Homelessness Management Information System said implementing the eviction moratorium and providing residents with additional support to keep them in their homes had a significant impact on homelessness. Based on a number of measurement metrics, we’re looking at about a 20 percent decrease in homelessness over the course of 2020,” Leslie said


What To Do If You Need Help

This is comforting news for some, there is funding available to help folks in trouble. Anyone that needs help can reach out to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority or to local advocacy groups like Mid-Michigan Community Action or the Michigan Advocacy Program.  Many people are returning back to work and there seem to be many jobs out there, so here's to getting back to normal and having a great summer.

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