Have you ever quit a job and felt actually pretty empowered by it? Have you ever had to quit a job for the sake of your own sanity? Maybe you haven't done either of these and you have always left jobs for other opportunities which in that case, you are pretty darn lucky!

The only times I have ever quit a job is to move on to other opportunities...except for the only time I was fired from my college newspaper...

Anyways, just about a year ago I left my retail job for this job and that was really the only job I ever fantasied about quitting in a gloriously dramatic fashion.

Recently, a study by Zippia looked into the many reasons that lead to people quitting jobs and then broke that down by state.

Aside from finding that 13% of all the workers they surveyed thought about quitting their jobs on the daily, they also found money, unpleasant coworkers and bad bosses

In my experience, the jobs that made me miserable (food service & retail) had me feeling that way due to feeling unappreciated by upper management and just a negative environment in general.

As far as Michiganders go, the main reason Zippia says the main reason is that people just "dislike the work."

Now without putting words into people's mouths, I feel like this means people in Michigan want to actually like the jobs they are doing...crazy, right?

I really think this means the people of Michigan are all about finding work they are passionate about. For us, a job is more than just a job when it comes to careers.

Sure, pessimists could argue people just don't understand hard work or just doing what needs to be done and that could very well be the case.

Quitting a job is definitely more of a process than the movies make it seem. It's more than just a "This place sucks, I'm out!" or "You can't fire me, I quit!" It's more planning your departure, figuring out what to do with bills and such and lining up what's next.

However, if you're a passionate Michigander feeling stuck wanting to quit your job, looks like you are not alone!

Looking for a job you can describe in fun yet potentially suggestive ways? Peruse this list and see if you can find something that strikes your fancy!

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