Lapeer County Jobless Rate Jumps to 10.1%
Lapeer County was one of the 69 counties in Michigan to record seasonal unemployment rate increases, moving upwards from 8.9% to 10.1%. Those numbers of unemployed make Lapeer County nearly the highest in all of southeast Michigan.
Lapeer County Jobless Rate Still Too High
Overall, the unemployment rate in Michigan has edged steadily downward. Last week it dropped slightly to 7.4%, however the story is different in Lapeer County than for the rest of the state. The March jobless rate in Lapeer dropped to 11.2%, down a full percentage point from the previous month, but …
Hallmark Sympathy Cards for the Unemployed
With the US unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, it’s nice to know someone‘s business is thriving. In this case, that someone is Hallmark, which recently began selling sympathy cards aimed at those who’ve lost jobs.