Did you know Michigan has 26 different casinos throughout the state?

I'm pretty sure that it is no secret that I love a good casino trip. At this point in my life, I feel like I skipped a portion of dad life and jumped straight to old man. Being a huge fan of casinos, I was actually blown away by the fact that there are 26 casinos in Michigan, 11 of which are in the Upper Peninsula.

When my friends and I decide to have a casino road trip, our normal line of thinking takes us to either Mt. Pleasant or Detroit. Those seem to be the closest and easiest. Now that I know I've only been to about 25% of the casinos in the state, we are definitely going to broaden the options for those trips.

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If you are like me and enjoy a good casino run, check out all of the casinos Michigan has to offer below. I can't lie, looking at the outside and stats of some of them had me a little disappointed. However, it is now a quest for me to visit all of the hole-in-the-wall gambling spots across the state.

If you don't want to travel all over Michigan, I have also included all of the only sportsbooks and casino apps that these casinos are tied to. I thought I had them all, but I thought wrong. If you're wondering, yes, I will be downloading the ones I don't have tonight.

The largest casino in Michigan is Soaring Eagle with 210,000 square feet of gaming floor. The smallest from what I can tell is Kewadin Casino in Hessel at just 6,400 square feet of gaming space. Now, I could be wrong as some of this information isn't readily available and I did the best I could through google.

The list below starts with the 15 casinos in the mitten followed by the 11 casinos in the Upper Peninsula. My new goal is to visit all 26 casinos by 2026. Who is with me?

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Michiganders love to gamble. Thankfully the great state of Michigan has 26 casinos for you to check out and get your fix.