The snuggle is real.

Many of you may already know or at least be aware of Addisyn Goss of Fenton. At just 8-years-old she had an idea to help the homeless. Three years later that idea has blossomed into Snuggle Sacks - Homeless Survival Kits. To date Addiysn and her team have raised $10,500 and delivered roughly 3875 Snuggle Sacks in 25 communities.

Each bag contains dry items, food items and travel size toiletries. These items are distributed to the Flint, Detroit and Lansing areas. Volunteers deliver the bags to homeless shelters and other facilities that provide relief for the homeless community.

So what inspired such a young girl to help in such a big way? The answer is family.  When Addisyn went to visit her estranged grandfather in Indiana, she found out he was homeless. Upon that meeting, Addisyn was on a mission to help other homeless people locally.

I had Addisyn in the Banana studio with me a few years ago, when Snuggle Sacks was just getting started. It is amazing to see how this non-profit has grown. If you would like to donate, or for more information on Snuggle Sacks, click here. Well done Addisyn, you truly are making a difference.


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