This week in 1971, Pink Floyd's album "Meddle," hit the album charts here in America and would only make it up to number 70. It was a different story in England were the album would make it up to number 3 and would stay on the charts for 82 weeks.
Meddle was Pink Floyd's sixth album and it would take a couple of more years before the band would achieve their super star status worldwide.

The seventh album Obscured by Clouds was released in 1972 and would be well received but nothing like Pink Floyd's next collection. In 1973, The Dark Side of the Moon album was let loose on the world and the rest is rock and roll history. The LP was #1 for a week and would make music history by staying on the chart for 741 weeks.
Back to the Meddle album the tracks were all far out and side 2 is taken up by the classic jam "Echoes" that times out at 23:31.

Side one...
1. "One of These Days"
2. "A Pillow of Winds"
3. "Fearless" (including "You'll Never Walk Alone")
4. "San Tropez"
5. "Seamus"
Side two...
1. "Echoes"

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