It is undeniable that the discovery of dinosaurs changed the way humanity thinks about our planet's history. Just the thought of these giant beasts inhabiting our planet for somewhere in the neighborhood of 165,000,000 years before their extinction is enough to pique anyone's interest. And whether you are 5 years old or 105 years old, you have undoubtedly let your imagination run wild over these fantastic creatures at some point in your life.

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Which Dinosaurs Were Indigenous to Michigan?

Believe it or not, according to, there is no proof of dinosaurs ever living in Michigan. This is verified by AZ Animals who confirm that scientists have no fossil evidence of any dinosaurs that lived in Michigan. But how could this be? Especially being a state surrounded by fresh water. You would think every dinosaur in the country would have found their way to a freshwater beach over the course of their 165,000,000-year reign.

These Dinosaurs Are Thought to Have Roamed Michigan

A report from WNEM and Stacker found that there have been 7 dinosaur fossils found in Michigan in recent history, and that there are even some on display at the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology. But many people still claim that none have been found here. A user on (who also claims that no dinosaur fossil evidence has ever been found in Michigan) came up with the most logical way to decide what dinosaurs roamed the mitten by looking at which dinosaurs lived in adjacent areas. By doing this, it would stand to reason that they also walked the land in Michigan.

Using this thought process, there would be quite a large list of possibilities.  Here are some of the most famous dinosaurs that made the list:

Apatosaurus (known informally as Brontosaurus)






Regardless of what walked our Michigan lands in the past, it sure didn't change the fact that dinosaurs are, and will always be, a topic of conversation for eternity. And I'm guessing Steven Spielberg would agree.

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