With all of the stories of UFO sightings popping up in the news the past few months, including in our very own state of Michigan, it really makes you think differently.

With infinite solar systems and galaxies outside of our own, there is no way that we are the only intelligent life form in the universe. Let's take a look back at Michigan's most notable UFO sightings of the past 70 years.

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Michigan UFO Sightings on Record

Let us start with the earliest sighting on record 70 years ago. It was documented that in November 1953, an Air Force jet and the 'radar blip' it was chasing for approximately 30 minutes over Lake Superior disappeared. According to the Detroit Free Press's coverage on prominent UFO sightings in Michigan's history, all radio contact was lost and the pilots were never heard from again.

Obviously, the technology back then was nothing like what we have today, so many conspiracy theories could stem from this 1953 incident. How is it that this plane and these pilots were never found?

But the sightings didn't stop there. In March 1966, multiple reports of fast-moving lights in the sky came in from Washtenaw County officers. Days later, this supposed sighting was followed by reports of a UFO landing in a Dexter Township swamp. Then came hundreds of sightings throughout the county for the next week.

Although the explanation of these sightings drew criticism, the incidents were dismissed as the presence of 'swamp gas,' which led to speculation about a government cover-up.

Nine years later, in October 1975, bright white discs were spotted flying over 5 different military bases, all of which were said to house nuclear weapons. It was reported that a plane was sent up over Wurtsmith Air Force Base, where the UFO was first spotted, for recon, but the UFO 'shot into space' before they could reach it. All of these sightings were confirmed, not only by soldiers on the ground and in the air traffic tower, but by the fact that it was also caught on radar.

This brings us to what has been called one of the largest UFO sightings in Michigan history. I remember my parents talking about seeing this one.

In March of 1994, strange lights filled the skies over Lake Michigan's shoreline from Ludington to the Indiana border. This became one of the largest UFO sightings in Michigan history as reports from citizens, police officers, and even National Weather Service meteorologists had 9-1-1 dispatchers listening to stories from people that sounded like they were straight out of a science fiction movie. Although there is no photographic evidence out there, it was said that these blips of light were 'going all over the place' unlike any plane could.

The Latest but Not Last Sighting

This brings us to the latest Michigan sightings, as a UFO was shot down 20,000 feet over the Upper Peninsula in February 2023.

With all of the talk lately about UFOs, I find it hard to believe that the public won't soon know much more about 'the truth.' Whatever that may be.

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