Today, February 25, there would have been 76 candles on George Harrison’s birthday cake. I had the chance to watch the Martin Scorsese documentary “George Harrison: Living in the Material World” over the weekend.

“George’s music always spoke directly to me” Scorsese told Rolling Stone Magazine. “So directly that I don’t think I realized just how inspiring he’d been for me until I made the picture.”


A small army of researchers spent five years assembling interviews, music, film clips, photographs and memorabilia for the documentary. Previously unseen private letters, home movie footage and intimate personal recollections of George correct public perceptions about “The Quiet Beatle.”


Among my favorite clips was seeing a postcard sent to George at Friar Park from John Lennon in Los Angeles saying “Sorry about your ma” and priceless footage of George in 1976 watching The Beatles perform “This Boy” in 1963. George seems genuinely amused at seeing the performance and even sings along at one point and laughs out loud when the camera moves in on him for a tight shot. Check out George watching “This Boy.”

KieranSTC via YouTube

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