WTF? Someone needs to throw this clown against a wall, a few times.

According to ABC 12, Dylan Cox of Mundy Township, allegedly threw the kittens against a wall this past fall, because they were getting on his nerves. Are you effing kidding me? Reports also state that after throwing the kittens and breaking their hind legs and hips, Cox then put them in water, afterward the pair rolled in cat liter - while wet.

An unidentified girlfriend returned home to find the injured cats. Apparently she could not afford medical help for the poor kittens, and they were eventually placed in the care of Lucky Day Animal Rescue.

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You want to know what makes this story even more terrifying, this Cox clown is going to be a father. Jesus Christ. According to the Genesee County Sheriff's Department, Dylan Cox had no previous legal trouble. He is now facing several counts of animal abuse. Cox is  currently out on bail, waiting arraignment.

As for the sweet kittens, Sadie and Samson, they are still being cared for at Lucky Day Animal Rescue and will be up for adoption soon. If you are interested in giving these two cutie cats a loving home, please contact the shelter at (810) 516-3381.

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