I noticed last Sunday afternoon when I drove by Venus Family Restaurant on Fenton Road, that there were no cars in the parking lot. I thought it was odd, but did not think much about it until today when I drove by again - no cars. Weird.

How could NO ONE be at Venus?  Old people, young people, family people - all people eat there. Venus was always an after bar spot for me back in the day and a go to for a hangover breakfast on the weekends. I pulled into the parking lot today (as did quite a few other vehicles). I just planned on taking a picture of the sign to use in this post and ask 'What's up with Venus being closed?'. I got my answer. There is a handwritten sign on the door that reads:

Maggie Meadows Photo
Maggie Meadows Photo












So there's that. Like I said, I just recently noticed the closing. Have you noticed too? If so how long has the restaurant been closed? Lucky for you coney lovers - there are plenty of other Flint restaurants serving up the hot dogs, with special sauce and onions!

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