A lot of people talk about giving back to the community, and some people actually do it. Big shout out to Kevin Zink and Johanna Hoelzle, from the world famous Machine Shop for making a difference right here in Flint.

Kevin and Johanna combined their respect of police officers, and their love of animals, and created a kick ass T-shirt to raise money for the Flint Police K-9 Unit. ALL proceeds from the shirt sales go directly to the Flint K-9 Unit. The shirts are currently on sale at the Machine Shop, or order online here. I have one, and it is awesome.

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Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson, held a press conference this week, live from the Machine Shop and talked to Kevin about the club, the K-9 unit, and more. How cool is that? Shout out to Sheriff Swanson for not only doing a great job all around for our community, but for his taste in music too.

I look forward to seeing you in your Flint City K-9 Unit shirt this weekend at the Machine Shop.

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